Introducing the Diamond Dual Glass 390W Bifacial Panel

The latest innovation from Sumec Phono Solar is the new Diamond Dual Glass Solar Panel. It’s the result of over 10 years of experience making panels for Australian Conditions.

Why is Dual Glass the answer? That’s easy. Solar Panels with lower grade, plastic backsheets have a history of failing in Australia because of moisture seeping in and damaging the cells. The Phono Diamond Dual Glass replaces the plastic back sheet with a second layer of toughened glass

This is why the Diamond Dual Glass is a cut above the rest. It’s thoroughly tested and built tough for Aussie conditions so you can save on power bills for decades.

The Diamond Dual Glass also has Bifacial Technology which means it can absorb power from both sides of the panel. In optimal install conditions like tilt frames, up to 25% more power yield can be gained.^  

As the Engineers’ Choice Solar Panel brand in Australia, we’re proud to offer this new panel exclusively through our network of installers. 

Diamond Dual Glass – The Difference is Clear. 



^ NOTE TO INSTALLERS: Additional back power gain will result in higher module Isc and will vary according to ground clearance and surface reflectivity at the installation location. Extra care should be taken with the design of the solar system to ensure a suitable inverter is selected that can tolerate the expected Isc based on the installation conditions and potential back power gain. Refer to the datasheet for full electrical specifications and contact your distributor if assistance is required.

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About Sumec Phono Solar

Sumec Phono Solar is a global leading manufacturer of high-performance solar panels affiliated with the SUMEC Group, a major division of Fortune Global 500 Sinomach Corporation.

Highlighting the SUMEC Group is important to illustrate the major difference between us and our competitors which is ‘Confidence of Longevity’.

With over 40 years of experience, diversified financial strength and excellence in technological innovation, we are committed to seeing our panels perform for decades to come across Australia.

Exclusive Distributor in Australia:

We have been in partnership with Supply Partners for over 8 years to provide Australian Solar Businesses with our Solar Panels, Sales Support and Technical Support. 

* See the Diamond Dual Glass Warranty Statement for full terms and conditions.
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