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16th September 2020

How do you differentiate a Solar Module?

Q – Please introduce Sumec Phono Solar.
President Zhao – Sumec Phono Solar is the renewable division of SUMEC Group which ranks fifth fastest-growing company in Forbes 2018 and it is a key member of Fortune Global 500 SINOMACH Group. We’ve been selling solar modules in Australia for 10 years.

 Q – How long have you had an association with the Australian market?

President Zhao – We were so excited to host our 10th Birthday Dinner for our commitment to solar in Australia at All-Energy this year. We are sad but understanding that the Exhibition could not go ahead. This means that now the 11-year celebration will be pushed back to the 2021 All-Energy Exhibition, but that does not diminish the achievements of Sumec Phono Solar in Australia.

 Q – In 2019, Phono Solar rebranded as Sumec Phono Solar. Why?

President Zhao – Phono Solar were proud in 2019 to cobrand Sumec Phono Solar to provide the Australian market with the commitment of our large 100% ownership company in our renewable energy division brand name.

 Q – What is more important in Module manufacturing: Technology or Longevity?

President Zhao – Care in the process creates good solar modules. Manufacturing modules using good Bill of Materials and in the most up-to-date facility with latest technology is crucial. Our engineering and construction workforce strives to make the best module and we all know that our in-house TÜV SÜD-accredited testing facility will ensure quality control and manufacturing best practice.

“A panel that lasts the warranty period and works to the environmental conditions of the export market is important. We build our Diamond Module Technology panels for Australia that have great solar absorption, impressive temperature coefficient and will last in harsh Australian conditions.”

Q – In 2019, Sumec Phono Solar introduced a 15-year Product Warranty. In 2020/2021 you are introducing a 15 + 5 year Residential Product Warranty. Please explain your motivation for this change?

President Zhao – The Sumec Phono Solar difference is in our Fortune 500 parent company size and diversification. Sumec as a 100% public company, in business since 1978, and we take our warranty responsibility extremely seriously. We have 40-plus years business history and we understand what it truly means to offer a product warranty. Providing longer than market standard warranty highlights Sumec Phono Solar’s leadership in the market. Fifteen years product plus 5 years (limited) is up to double the warranty of our competitor’s panels and sometimes even double the time our competitors have even been manufacturing modules.

Q – Why a plus-5-year limited product warranty and why for residential customers only? 

President Zhao – Sumec Phono Solar have been selling modules into Australia for more than 10 years. We have seen the most common problems with solar modules in Australian conditions are water ingress and hot spot. 

“We think it is important to highlight to Australian consumers that we, Sumec Phono Solar, know what can go wrong and then will warrant to cover these problems. We offer this to residential customers because of cost, knowledge and the Phono solar promise.”

Choosing our longer warranty on a standard residential system is not so much money ($500-$1000), but the additional cost with commercial systems is more meaningful. Commercial customers already purchase Sumec Phono Solar as “The Engineers Choice”, this is because the total you spend on commercial is so high, the due diligence on product selection is also typically high. For residential, we think that discussing what is included in a warranty at proposal stage is important and we hope that Phono’s 15 + 5 year warranty option encourages a deep discussion.

Q – What is the future for Sumec Phono Solar in Australia?
President Zhao – Sumec Phono Solar are proud of our leading market positioning in Australia as the value priced premium module. We appreciate steady business growth – we have no intention to be the largest Gigawatt manufacturer in the world. We are satisfied to be the premium brand, the choice of engineers and to be there to support projects and Australian consumers with well warranted quality product. We thank Australian consumers and installers for your continued support.

“We thank Australian consumers and installers for your continued support.”

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* Standard 15 Year Product Warranty and an optional 5 Year Limited Product Warranty Coverage and is available for residential customers, covering Hot Spots and Seal Failure. See the Phono Solar Limited Warranty declaration for full details.

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